Ye Olde Bucket List

(A work in progress…)

1. Visit every country in Europe

2. Visit at least one country on every continent

3. Ride one of the longest ziplines in the world – done!

4. Visit 20 states, including:

  • Arizona (Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, and The Wave)
  • Louisiana (New Orleans)
  • Texas
  • Wyoming (Yellowstone National Park)

5. See monkeys in the wild (maybe in Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica?) – done!

6. Find the love of my life

7. Have at least one poem published someday, somewhere

8. Have a photograph published in National Geographic

9. Be able to play Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata presto agitato on tempo and well

10. Visit Patagonia

11.Try surfing

12. Attend an opera in Italy

13. See the northern lights (maybe in Alaska?)

14. Participate in La Tomatina festival in Spain (August)

15. Kayak in the Bioluminescent Bay of Fajardo, Puerto Rico

16. Go to a nude beach

17. Ride a mechanical bull

18. Get a medal from a run in Europe


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