Quest for Running Songs: “Planetary (GO!)”

I’m usually late to the party as far as music goes (and fashion, and slang, and well pretty much everything really). Today’s post is a prime example. As much as I had originally planned to keep these Quest posts to current music released within the last year, I have recently discovered My Chemical Romance, a band that was around for 12 years and broke up 2 years ago. But hey, if I missed them then maybe someone else did too, right?

Although their song Teenagers totally perked up a long run last week, this song “Planetary (GO!)” from 2010 is my go-to song from these guys right now. It is so high energy, I challenge you to try to sit still through it – you won’t be able to! Big sound and driving rhythm back these infectious lyrics:

If my velocity starts to make you sweat,
Then just don’t let go
And if their Heaven ain’t got a vacancy
Then we just, then we just, then we just
Then we just get up and go!

Ladies and gentlemen:
Truth is now acceptable
Fame is now injectable
Process the progress
This core is critical
Faith is unavailable
Lives become incredible
Now, please understand that,

I can’t slow down
I won’t be waiting for you
I can’t stop now
Because I’m dancing
This planet’s ours to defend
Ain’t got no time to pretend
Don’t fuck around,
This is our last chance

So what are you waiting for? Click play and just, just get up and go! (And since you’ll probably want to sing along, you can check out the rest of the lyrics here. :))

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Quest for Running Songs: “Not Today”

Yesterday I was on a really hot, humid, sweaty run just grinding out the miles when one of my favourite new songs came on: “Not Today” from the newly released Blurryface album by Twenty One Pilots. To me, this song is a celebration of defeating that voice in our heads that tells us we can’t do something, we can’t accomplish what we want to accomplish. I don’t know about you but that voice talks to me a lot when I’m running, telling me I should just stop because I’m too tired, too hot, not strong enough, etc. But when this song came on mid-run yesterday, it crushed that self-defeating voice with its chorus:

Heard you say “not today”
Tore the curtains down, windows open now make a sound
Heard your voice, there’s no choice
Tore the curtains down, windows open now make a noise

I got a huge grin on my face, picked up my pace and may have even air drummed a bit – apparently I had energy to spare! There’s something about the trumpet in the background, the never-give-up message and the build up to sheer joy at the end that makes me burst with energy.This song makes my heart so happy, I already can’t wait to run to it again. Give it a listen!

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Quest for Running Songs, Week 4: “Savages”

One of the things I love most about running is that it affords me the luxury to let my mind wander and to ponder any thought that flits by while my feet are moving.

I chose this week’s song because not only do I love the chorus, but some of the questions it poses got me thinking and totally distracted me from the last big hill I encountered towards the end of my run yesterday. For example:

All the hate coming out from a generation
Who got everything and nothing guided by temptation
Were we born to abuse, shoot a gun and run
Or has something deep inside of us come undone?
Is it a human trait, or is it learned behavior
Are you killing for yourself, or killing for your savior?

I’m already inclined to delve into nature versus nurture arguments and to try to make sense of why people do bad things, so this song is right up my alley. If it’s not quite your thing, try “Froot” by the same band – it’s a catchy song with much lighter lyrics.

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Quest for Running Songs, Week 3: “Stand By Your Gun”

This song was a pleasant little surprise this week! I have absolutely no idea what this song is about – I haven’t picked up on the lyrics and haven’t bothered to look them up – but the vibe is so utterly pleasant that it instantly puts me into a good mood when I hear it. It’s the kind of song I imagine would play in a movie when someone steps out of their house, smiling up at the sun shining while chirping birds flit all around, and marvels at how the day just feels unbreakably perfect.

It’s not a song that’s going to help you PR, but it has the potential to make part of a mile just a lovely, feel-no-pain experience. Enjoy!

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Quest for Running Songs, Week 1: “Running For Your Life”

In my quest for new running music for 2015, I’ve decided to start posting some of my favourite running songs as I search for new tunes to add to the Shuffle. I’m not talking about the usual “Mony, Mony”, “Born to Run” list. I’m talking stuff that’s a little newer, and maybe a little less likely to be hitting people’s radars. Yes, I know you elite runners don’t need music to get you through long runs, but I do! My hope is that if I post enough of these, eventually some of you fellow runners will help me out by sharing your favourites with me, too.

So, to get this started, here’s my song of the week:

“Running For Your Life” by Dirty Heads

We all know running is at least as much about mental strength as it is about physical strength, and sometimes the right song can re-ignite our Inner Fighter voice just when our tired legs are starting to drown it out. For me, what makes a great running song isn’t so much whether or not the beat matches my pace, but rather if the lyrics energize and inspire me.

This song is all about seizing the day and squeezing everything we can out of every moment. I have two favourite lines:

Tell the reaper to his face, ‘I ain’t scared of you.’


Running for your life, don’t waste it, the moment’s never right so make it.

Dirty J from Dirty Heads elaborates: “A lot of people think ‘Oh the moment’s not right.. I’m not going to take this chance, I’m too scared…’ If the moment’s not right, don’t leave it to fate, don’t leave it to luck, fuckin’ make it right. Find something in that moment, and do something about it.”

I can’t tell you how many times this song has given me a burst of energy just when I needed it most. It’s kind of like a GU gel for the mind. 🙂

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