Six months ago, I never thought about running. Then I gave it a try, ran my first 5k, kept running, signed up for a 10k, volunteered at a 16k and suddenly, before I knew it, I started feeling like I was part of a new community — a community of good-hearted, encouraging, healthy, life-loving people. People who give you a smile or a wave as they pass you on a trail. People who congratulate you on a good race even though they just ran that same race in half the time. I started to fall in love.

This morning at work I watched the Boston Marathon for the first time in my life. I jumped up from my chair cheering as Rita Jeptoo and Lelisa Desisa Benti crossed the finished line. I felt amazed and energized by the athleticism and determination of all the runners, and the cheering of the crowd along the route. The world was beautiful. I tweeted: “Feeling so inspired by all the #bostonmarathon runners today. Can’t wait to get my shoes and run my heart out tonight!!” 

A few short hours later, after a long meeting, I read a text: “I just heard about the explosions at the Boston Marathon.”  I couldn’t believe it. That can’t be right. Why would anyone want to hurt runners? Why would anyone want to ruin this tremendous celebration of life and health? Why…? How….?

I cried, and then I ran, longer than I’ve ever run before. With every step, I thought of those in the race who put all their hearts into a day that was taken from them. I thought of those who will never get to walk or run again. I thought about how on days like today it’s so hard to make sense of the world we live in. And I thought about how I need to remember to be grateful for every step I get to take in this world.

Dear Boston, you are in my thoughts and in my heart. Wishing you great strength and love in this dark time. xo


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