It’s amazing how you can be splashing around and swimming quite happily, feeling the lightness of life and optimism of infinite possibility, when suddenly with no warning you find yourself caught in an undertow fighting for your life. Again.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve swum in those waters before, you forget that below the sparkly surface there is a powerful force lurking and just one mis step will pull you under.

I lost my breath. I lost sight of which way was up. I clawed my way toward what I thought was sunlight, but still found myself trapped and disoriented, drowning.

When I finally broke through the surface momentarily, I reached out grasping for something to hold on to, or someone, but everything was too slippery and I was quickly pulled back under.

How could I have taken the good days for granted? A few sunny days and I had started to feel that my life could be all sunny days, splashing and giggling. Life just isn’t that predictable, or that kind.

I have to remember that in my water there is always an undertow, and the days that I don’t get pulled under are days to be deeply cherished because without doubt those days are numbered. I guess I’ll just take some time first to catch my breath before I venture back into the water.


One thought on “Undertow

  1. If you’re swimming around freely there’s always a chance that you’ll go under. Getting out of the water is cetainly not an option but learning how to breath under water might be. Being pulled down by that undertow isn’t quite as scary if you know you won’t drown. The sun is just a few feet of water above you.


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